to live with courage … and grace, too.

this is my intention when i rise each and every day.

i created my blog, static confusion, in 2012 after rereading two years worth of my journaled travels.  i had moved to melbourne, australia in 2010 on a whim of wanderlust.  compelled to document and share my thoughts i began publishing some of my deepest and bravest entries here in this space.  i yearn to be a published poetess.  so, while i work towards my moment in the press these words make for a cathartic exercise nonetheless.

now here i am – six years later – a creative insomniac – revisiting some stories from my past; compelled to pretty up the pages.  between the blurred moments and self discoveries i realize that i’ve been writing about courage and grace my entire life.  this epiphany is fitting seeing as though i’ve tattooed the tragically hip song tracks “courage” and “grace too” on my outer forearms to commemorate my generation’s songwriter-poet, gord downie (preceded by mr. leonard cohen, of course).  as joni mitchell sings, “songs are like tattoos.” they seem to sing of virtue too.

the list of words that you see here under “choices” are recurring themes, topics and tags that linger in between my lines.  some of my posts are nonsensical while others are nostalgic.  some are about muses that i’ve never met and many are about memories that once brushed my lips.  ultimately, whatever i write today will become tomorrow’s curiosity.  and so i will continue to write the way that i live – with courage … and grace, too.

june 2018 / cobourg

“i come from downtown / born ready for you / armed with will and determination / and grace, too”   (the tragically hip, grace too)