my ‘staccato bursts’ …

… the rhythms of reality that sing to my conscience, the following themes are what inspire my writing:

adventures in bedlam: notetaking of thought provoking moments during road trips, new explorations and quiet weekend getaways (or other adventure riots endured in this mad, crazy world);

gaining perspective: anecdotal insights, pondered philosophes and little life matters that are helping me put things into perspective;

moving hemispheres: thoughts about shifting life from up over to down under (and back again);

the 30s project: turning ambition into action.  as i’ve learned from julia cameron, “art is part of the verb ‘to be’ … in being human we have the right to make art–to write.”;

words from the wise–profound inspirations from authors and philosophers…humanitarians and politicians…musicians and poets…singers and songwriters – words, lyrics and rhyme that move me to pick up a pen. and tell my own story.

“to me the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about but the music the words make.”   (truman capote)


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