lost and found.

Some thoughts from a day of wandering…

…’The City’ – the central business area as its referred to – is only a small part of Melbourne.  Each suburb, regardless of its size, preserves its name as well as its identity.  Its brilliant.  And the best part about the ‘City’ – the laneways.  A door that opens either into a fashion boutique or a long narrow bar.  It’s like you need to know where these places are otherwise you don’t know that they exist.  Reputation and word of mouth.  Walking around, spending a day taking different turns, it really doesn’t matter if you get lost. 

…ventured around the Fitzroy  neighbourhood.   Its amazing.  The pocket between Brunswick and Smith Streets is definitely resonates with me.  It has the physical layout of the Byward Market that I roamed whilst living in Ottawa with a twist of the indy funk that has always attracted me to the Queen West sprawl between Spadina and Ossington in Toronto.  Ironically, although worlds away, I feel right at home.

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