from the bra to surrey hills.

maroubra beach sandstone

Maroubra Beach.  My first encounter with a real life surf strip and its stunning.

Its 9am and the lot to the beach is already packed with bronzed beauties and ripped buffs cladded in wetsuits and boards.  Waves on the shore look decent, the sun is warm and the music is pumping.  The ocean is lined with quirky apartment buildings with waterview terraces where locals are waking up with coffee and the newspaper.  To only imagine that this is how they greet everyday.  Not a bad lifestyle indeed. 

A few days ago, I watched a documentary about Sydney’s Bra Boys.  A brotherhood of surfers who grew up and roamed Maroura Beach.  After seeing the movie then stepping foot onto the sand, I can see why the life of a surfer is nothing but adrenaline and the ocean.  I can’t relate by no means but hearing the crash of the waves, the serenity of the whitesand beach and the simplicity of living the day in a swimsuit and towl it is no wonder that this is a lifestyle – and livelihood – for many out here.  You feel a million miles away from any other sort of reality.

Surrey Hills.  This is where we spent an afternoon roaming the suburb’s annual festival and checking out the finer bars.  A higher-end crowd, well dressed, beautiful people.  A strip of the 20s early 30s crowd where smoking, laughter and running into social mates is the norm.    What I liked most about it: a mass of healthy people sitting, mingling, appreciating their company – lots of laughter and no stress.  Just people living, enjoying a perfect Saturday afternoon at the neighbourhood street festival.  A true snapshot of city social life at its best.  Not my typical scene but one to appreciate nonetheless.

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