two months in.

two months young in australia.  and how amazing it still is.

indeed it has been enduring to date.  exhilarating and emotionally exhausting at times.  i’ve definitely gone through the motions of disappointment, heartache, anger and now at standstill of being content.  my rollercoaster feelings have definitely been an adrenaline rush but i’ve come through it stronger and with the realization that they weren’t “real” feelings – just romantic lust that was a distraction as i transitioned out of my old life and into the new unknown.

finally, my mind relaxed, my heart at ease, a social and community foundation beginning to build, i’m waking up happy in the mornings – happy for no reason other than “just being”.  i arrived, fell hard, fell flat, quick rebound, fell some more, felt sorry for myself, got supportive insight from dear friends ST, AR, MR, JH, JM and AK – looked within and saw what they saw in me.  then from that introspective glance realized everything that friends said and what was my mission all a long:

australia is to be a journey of self discovery and i shouldn’t be limiting myself to any one person – any one experience.

a chapter closed, turned the page and its a blank one.  but that is great because the rest of the story, it will write istelf.

this – in this very moment – i’m the happiest i have been in a very, very long time.  i finally feel free.  so very much alive.

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