“i’ve got your six”.

this is what JG said when i thanked her for coming to the rescue, flying to melbourne within three days of me telling her i needed her, a familiar face, someone who know me inside and out.

a quick visit but enough time to restore normalcy, the smile on my face and to show someone from my past that i am doing okay at building my future.  i suppose its safe to say that i wanted a dear friend to see me in melbourne and reassure me that i am fine. 

i was anxious to share the last three months with someone – the excitement, the allure of it all.  i also needed to know that there is someone on this side of the world that loves me unconditionally, would be here in a heartbeat.  and literally in a second flat here she is – to hold my hand, to lay with me, to live melbourne through me.  and then to look at me and say “you’ve done good kid”.  i was starting to feel lost, low on self-esteem but JG’s intervention has directed me straight and i am back on track to finding my way.

but i couldn’t have done it without JG.  after all, she’s my #6.

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