breakfast at tiffany’s.

it was in breakfast at tiffany’s where i read that you love the person that gives you confidence.  you love this person because they instill in you an aura of esteem, a humble humility that perhaps before you didn’t know existed.  or merely due to the fact that it was hidden beneath a layer of insecurity, just waiting to be uncovered.

i concur with the fact that we cling to those that give us confidence.  and as a vulnerable woman on a course of self discovery that confidence, resulted from a sweet compliment, can become blinding as it is possible to become fixated on that person that gave you strength to believe in yourself. 

but be conscious of the fact that love and confidence are completely different entities.  from what i have learned, the best way to thank that person is not by giving him/her your heart but by taking your new-found pride and mak something of yourself.

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