a little lighter.

after an unwanted but very necessary breakup i woke up this morning with my head a little clearer and my heart a little lighter.  i poured out any lingering heartbreak with a couple of notes home to a few darlings that i knew would understand my rambling sentiment and with some inspiring, insightful responses i found the affirmation i needed.  i am in Australia for me, for my own growth.  and in the first six months i experienced feelings that i don’t regret but that i am glad are flushed out and behind me.  a profound endurance and a beautiful friendship but i’ve exhausted every ounce and now walking away. 

and with that i will close this chapter, unwind these feelings.  i’ve digressed a lot about it that really there isn’t anything left to say.  but i felt it important to write about it because it tells a big part of my journey to date.  but my story i will keep writing as the next chapter excitedly waits.

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