from katoomba to leura to bondi to manly to melbourne.

it’s been 72 hours of laughter with my favourite Canadian in Australia, JG, and my lucky #6.  it’s been that grounded balance i lost hold about a month ago.  JG has always been able to calm me, which is why i am so sad to see her leave down under to back up over.  to leave a country in which she inspired me to initially visit and then ultimately evolving into the backdrop of self discovery.  there is a compliment in our relationship that makes everything easy.  JG has this unique character that comforts and cares.  she does so much for me but it’s time for her to move forward and i know regardless of our geographical coordinates, she is always got my six.  and guaranteed, i have hers too.

the last three days have also reconnected me with the natural beauty that is Australia.  just an hour outside of Sydney, the landscape of the blue mountains is captivating.  the pride of the rock legend – the three sisters – standing immaculately in the heart of it.  a 900-step descent to the base of the mountains exposes you to green terrain only to look up and see a waterfall stream overhead.  the silhouette of a white eagle freezes you in time and for a moment you expect something from jurassic park to swoop through the serene wilderness.  yes, it is that much of a mystique the three sisters.

from the mountains we return to reality but to the charming character of bondi and then manly beach.  an organic breakfast followed by a girls evening at a dream home on the beach is a great way to wind the travel down.  in fact, i even discovered that showering in the nude in a backyard garden shower is riveting and relaxing.  such a natural cleanse.

and the trip also produced two new friends.  one a lovely French Canadian with a genuine warmth and keen interest to listen, to learn about the two Canadians she had just met.  she too was in Australia to explore, to pursue an unknown love, to live for herself for the first time.  needless to say, the friendship was instantaneous.

the other was a spunky and gorgeous sydneysider who had befriended JG earlier on.  now traveling back before leaving for the great white north this aussie opened up her home and made us all feel like we fitted in, like we belonged.

only three days but with an impact that was profound and memorable.  and very much need to spark some life back into me.  and this is what charms me about Australia: how a few days can rejuvenate the soul, remind you that life doesn’t need to be complicated or sorted out to live and how embracing a stranger can lead you to meeting some of the world’s nicest people.

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