in exactly one week from today i will be boarding a plane on a trip that will no doubt excite me and contribute to this journey of change and growth that i’ve been enduring since leaving up over for down under.

london to see an old friend marry a new one.  germany to visit my university twin and melbourne love.  kuwait to spend christmas with my dear aunt and uncle.  dubai for a one day thrill.  brisbane to say farewell to the viking and the englishman.

20 days of love and laughter.  so why am i nervous?

anxious to see familiar faces.  overwhelmed to finally hug family.  tepid about saying goodbye to my best aussie mates.  nervous because it is a cavalcade of emotions that up until now i haven’t had to deal with since i let go of home 10 months ago.  i’m slightly nervous that the fondness of friends will make me want to run back home, i’m slightly nervous that i will be so overwhelmed with sentiment that i won’t fully embrace each moment, i’m slightly nervous about returning to melbourne feeling anew again.

nervous – 0r whatever this rush of adrenaline i’m feeling in this week leading up to my world tour – does not compare to how ecstatic i am to land in 5 different countries to see people who i endlessly adore.

only question left to ask…am i there yet?

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