the things that test us…

…is what ultimately makes us stronger.

after what has been perhaps the most enduring year of my young life i finally thought to myself “i am finally here”.  i had found a peace of mind in melbourne that i had been yearning for for nearly two years now…i researched and worked hard to find a company and a job that i can grow with rather than fluttering about every year or so…and i had embraced this refreshing sense of self-confidence and assurance that somehow got lost between ottawa and toronto.

so with a deep breath i looked at life around me and the excitement that lay ahead, rejoiced to know that i was entering the next phase – welcoming my adult years with grace.  which is why in a fleeting moment i found out that i might have to leave australia due to visa complications. all of the hope and aspirations that have been created here seemed to vanish.  a gut-wrenching ache overwhelmed me and i panicked.  does this mean i have to leave melbourne?  where will i go?  i had just emotionally come to terms that my chapter in toronto had fully closed and enthusiastically danced with delight that i had made the decision to continue to live life in melbourne; my story just beginning and i was worried that it was coming to an all too early end.

but then with the ease calmness of a friend and determined perception to seek solutions not dwell on impossibilities i realized after letting the shock flow through me that things would work out – i had come too far to turn around now.  my patience tested once again – but with a resilient nature, i will persevere.

so you see, it’s these little life hiccups that are meant to challenge us – meant to test us to see how far we will go for something that we really want.  to try to scare us, to see if we will run away or stand tall and claim “i deserve to be here”.  and here i really want to be which is why a little bit more fight, one more ounce of patience, will get me to where i need to be.

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