one of those moments.

a brilliant epiphany today.  and a big one at that – one of those moment’s where it hits you and you realize “that is exactly what i want to do when i grow up.”

yes, at 28 years old i still say “when i grow up”.  because that is life – a constant growth spurt.

anyway, back to this epiphany.

in a continued effort to cut out commercial crap i ventured out to the sustainable living festival to understand how people are living simpler, cleaner, greener lives.  and i was amazed at how easy it is to conserve and not produce meaningless waste.  the next day i had a morning coffee at friends of the earth, an eco-friendly free-trade opt shop.  sitting in this ethically organic environment it really made me realize how much decluttering of life materials i still need to do.  how noisy things still are.  and really just how much more socially and environmentally conscious i need to become.

so you see it’s these moments that remind us that there is still a lot of growth to achieve in order to become the person we want to be.

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