in another lifetime….


…how would you want to live?

perhaps a dramatically loaded question so let me rephrase:

do you ever stop for a moment – pause in an utter standstill – and take stock of your life?  what you fill it with, who you share your love with, where you are spending your days? 

are you happy?  are you living or merely existing? 

i often find myself asking my conscience these questions and of recent thought generate the following answers:

yes, everyday i feel as though i stop to reflect on where i am, what i am doing.  even if it is for two minutes before tucking myself into bed i stop and absorb the motions i went through that day. if it is a happy day then i rejoice and appreciate the moments and the people who made it a good day.  if it is a slightly frustrating day then i just let it melt away.  if it is a horribly upsetting day then i look back on what went wrong and how i can make it better or become stronger to persevere when i wake.  after all, tomorrow is always a new day.

so yes, i am happy – happy to be living in the moment and making the most of life AND time – my lifetime. 

but i do still dream….of being a song writer….a philanthropist that ensures every human being eats one hot meal a day…an artist that sketches the most breathtaking charcoal portaits…a wild drummer like animal the muppet that rocks out recklessly on stage…a politician that advocates for equal rights for people with disabilities…a gold-medal contender for an olympic triathlon…a poet that publishes one volume of absolute literary genius…and a coach for young girls to confide in when they feel as though they have lost their way.

dreams into ambitions.  definitely trying to make the most of the life and time given to me.

i hope you are happy too.  if not, promise me you will go out and live your dreams.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annette says:

    Love the idea of making the most of life and time = my lifetime. It’s inspiring…

  2. Monique says:

    You are a constant inspiration Nicole. I miss our talks. xoxoxox

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