happy one year anniversary melbourne.

it is amazing to think that a year ago today i stepped off a plane, arriving in australia.

although i did not realize it then i recognize it now upon reflecting on who i was a mere 12 months ago and where i am now: this writing exercise has been extremely empowering, reading back on insights and thoughts, being able to read about my growth – literally watching myself unfold with each word.

melbourne and i are getting along amazingly well.  she has taught me how to be strong, survive on my own and has provided a beautiful landscape for finding the things i lost a long time ago.  its been a life changing year but my journey is just beginning – well its perpetual really as life is a boundless adventure.  i have become grounded since being here, a little calmer and confident in my ability; in myself.

i am learning to embrace my flaws, exercise my interests and challenge myself with new foods, new sounds and new knowledge.  but there is still so much i want to work through.  i want to rid of the guilt i feel for moving away from home.  i want to accept the fact that i cannot fix problems i can only support the people enduring them.  i want to respect my body more by learning how to cook clean food.  i want to promote and adapt a sustainable lifestyle.  i want to be a strong voice in my family and reconnect with old friends that i have been neglecting.  i want to be fearless when it comes to the possibility of falling in love and i want to encourage those around me to champion one cause and commit at least two hours a week to helping someone in need.  i want to start listening again rather than being so harshly honest.  i want to read more and read often.  i want to laugh louder.  i want to travel further and see more remote parts of the world.  i want to continue fighting, pushing forward and distancing myself from the loneliness that swallowed me up 18 months ago.  i want to enjoy beautiful melbourne the next year ahead and not provoke any big changes. 

i really just want to live simplistically.  i want to spend this next phase getting to know myself again and honouring the dreams of that naive yet eagerly enthusiastic nicole i carelessly abandoned 10 years ago.

this journal is nearly full which is timely and exciting as a brand new chapter is rapidly unfolding.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Nicole I like this entry. They are all beautiful but this one is special. Happy one year. I love you

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