fell in love in castlemaine.

July 25, 2011

moving hemispheres.


the beauty of a rural retreat.

rural beauty.  lyrical bliss.  soulful birds….sustainable culinary delicacies.  warm companionship.  wine and laughter…all against a backdrop of cool, country crisp air of quaint castlemaine.

morning comes with greetings of dandelion honey coffee; the wholesomeness of baked apples and pastries.  the local says g’day as if you are his long-time friend and neighbour.  

in the subtle silence that a small town brings instantly, i feel deeply at ease.

maybe it was the scenic victorian roads or the roaming, wild sheep.  it could have been the calmness of the sleeping lake or the dainty village boutique.  i reckon it could have been the lingering generations of farmers embedded in my genes.

whatever it was….this ‘traveling sales[wo]man’ fell in love in castlemaine.


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