about 18 months ago i said a quiet hello to a person who has become something wonderful to me.  a little road trip from auckland to a bach somewhere in the hills of new zealand; few words were exchanged, arcade fire was on repeated play.

i remember my impression of him to be mysterious–he was an attentive listener who observed the clusters of conversations through his camera’s lens.  when he did speak it was softly; the essence of his words quite profound.  my momentary encounter with him reaffirmed just how stellar of an experience meeting a stranger is.

the stars in the digital universe aligned and i became privy to knowing this brilliant, creative human mind.  a mutual appreciation for typewriters, icelandic folk music and all things beautiful, he was a stranger no more; rather, something of a casanova penpal, filling the pages of my cultural encyclopedia.  his photographs and shares are among my favourite somethings that fill my day.

such bliss can only travel by mail.
such bliss can only travel by mail.

and today he filled my life up with artistry and joy for when the mailman rang the bell there was a parcel that bore the scribbles of my name.  moments before i thought that i had smelled lavender wherein fact ‘lilies’ were arriving at my door.unraveling the parcel that was neatly wrapped in canvas fabric an “oh” escaped my lips–there on the inner fold the word remember had been painted.  with care and attention i took the parcel apart, my heart lifted with each piece of prose, photography and prettiness.  and then with the contents laid out in front of me my eyes begin to tear.  because i’ve never seen anything so beautiful … because i’ve never been the recipient of such thoughtfulness.

i cannot thank him enough.  please let this post be my ode to joy to you.  you’ve given me a memory that is as priceless as a vintage stamp.  tis truly touching to know you.

(ps. the first day of winter–when the snow falls–is my favourite moment of the year.)

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  1. Rabie says:

    Thank you so much! I haven’t seen this until today… it’s heartwarming and lovely thank you! am really glad to know that my little parcel made you happy.. What you wrote touched me .. I am sorry..I really don’t know what to say…I can’t wait to meet again! I will talk to you soon..

    1. consider it a note of thanks :).

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