we’re over here mr darcy.

“we only get more lost when we drift from the present moment.”

-beautiful bird xx

(‘one lonely girl’ by alais photography)

in some foreign land out there is a girl who rocks my world.  in meeting her i had yet to know someone who matched me in terms of bravery, sentiment and the will to (live) love relentlessly.  this lass, she over there and i over here, never leaves my mind.  heart endowed.

while she was starting her day today and i was ending mine, i said, “how you going.”  she said, “i’m doing fine.”

but even through virtual language i could hear a pause.  and then came the delivery, “i’m feeling a little lost and lonely.”  that lingering line for every single girl who at times drowns in her own pride. 

this is what i wrote to her:

it’s tiring to be positive and strong … yet you are to brave to be any other way … but i understand where you are coming from–you love relentlessly and have so much love to give … stay proud, stay you … your love will find you one day. and don’t ever get angry with yourself–we’re human, feeling lost and lonely is as important as feeling full and happy … being sentimental is what makes you unique … so many people reserve themselves, coward to feel so forwardly and fully. brave hearts take risks. we bet on the raphaels (my word for lust gone wrong) because we believe in being real. it is overwhelming at times for both him and you … but don’t let a broken heart or a lingering sense of loneliness EVER compromise who you are.

i sure hope she knows that she is some special kind of girl.

she arrived at her train stop and i had to sign off but not without telling her “i like you just the way you are.”  mark darcy, we look forward to meeting you.

lost and lonely never … i’ll be there for you no matter where you are.

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