f*cked (and fixed) up.

i’ve been fucked up and i’ve been a fool … fix myself up and come be with you.

-from ‘muchacho’s tune’ by phosphorescent


a fixed up fool.
a fixed up fool.

is there anything more powerful than sitting in silence, your headphones acting as a blockade to the noise outside your mind (and its internal static too for that matter), when all of sudden a majestic melody fills the space that is so quiet?

no, there is nothing quite like it i reckon.

i’m one of those music fans who is entirely envious of a songwriter, whose lyrical mastery is put to a tune, whose raw sacredness as an artist sings like-minded thoughts before i even have a chance to think them.

to articulate, i want to share what happened to me a moment ago.  flustered by reality (daily mundane blues) i’m rescued from the clutter when i decide to take refuge in a random selection of new releases by npr.  a bloke by the name of phosphorescent and his muchacho’s tune took over my mental airwaves.  his dreary lyrics brought some light to my day … a melodic reminder that we’ve all been fucked up at some stage in our lives.  and with some patient perseverance we fix ourselves up.  we get on.  we carry on.  i’ve been a fool.  you’ve been a fool.  fools fall in love.  love chases fools.  and i’m pretty sure we could all write a tune about our own muchacho; the young man who turned us into a fool.  who gave us the bravery to fix ourselves up.

this muchacha (girl) is ready to dance.  it is time i go and be with you … whomever (and wherever) you may be …

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