peter charm.

it’s friday night, good company in crew. bud lime is flowing; the sun It is lowering. hungry tummies ransack the night kitchen, vegan pizzas bestowed. glasses of mango vodka and laughter a plenty we chat the sunlight away revelling in the starry night. midnight strikes as we scour the only but we want music for this girl has to dance. an acoustic act of two we find somewhere over there in the corner they strum their guitars–feet excited. the song may sing i will wait but i just couldn’t. so with an empty floor and all my might i let go, jumped and twirled around and never had it felt so good to just dance (take flight) and even with strangers watching perplexingly in my mind i am the only one here. the song it ends and so does the night.

morning rises as do we to attend the market, delicious breakfast horizons. at a table we sit watching the passerbyers, happily content with the peppy chef. we eat in delight snacking on salads and rhubarb chutney discussing all things vegetables.

full and fed we make our rounds. to the stalls and the baker; the medicine man and the grocer we pack our bags with goodies–wellness and whole.

midday strikes and back down the 115 we go. and as i listen to a darling chat enthusiastically i absorb it all ridiculously joyed by the company, the food–wonderful wholesomeness enthralled. peterborough charmed.


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