the road goes forever on.

tis the fifth day of the july creative writing challenge. the road towards my own creative beginning seems to go forever on in of itself.

but let us not dwell on that dear reader. rather, i fancy to share something that I heard evening last.

“poetry is perpetual, so we want it always.”

there tucked into the nook of my small town’s finest coffee house, early into the evening of july’s humid heat, were 25 some odd poets, paths crossing for the first time; endless roads ceasing for a short time. strangers indeed but united in their passion for prose.

so what is it exactly that paves our road forever long? narsisstic nostalgic … or perhaps wanderlust wonders … whatever it may be it doesn’t matter because as the author of your own life you are to use your own words … and pave your own road … as forever long (perpetual) it may be.


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