the formula for happiness.

“sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” (marilyn monroe)

july creative writing challenge day 16: the formula for happiness.

the pursuit of happiness. It seems like a perpetual chase. we seek it in every aspect of life. as if the stark emotion of it all defines us; qualifies us. but what if for a mere moment we stopped obsessing over this desire, played no music–just danced. what can we pursue that can never be sustained?

most basic cognitive behaviour theories suggest that happiness is a transient feeling. it is as fleeting as a firefly escaping the night sky. it is as spontaneous as a last minute road trip, as lasting as a first kiss. happiness comes and goes. only to leave and come back again. it rises and sets just like the moon. it’s temperament quickly eclipsed by a foul mood. do we trap the sentiment up in a jar and let it out in pieces; or do we revel in its joy savouring every ounce of deliciousness it releases.

our obsession with happiness is endless. it’s effects everlasting. like a junkie we are fixated on the highs while we burn out on the lows. the space between throws us for when we get our next fix, who knows.

happiness. we can pursue it, we can chase it. or we can enthusiastically embrace it. for its fulfillment we are truly looking for. an endowment of meaning; endless euphoria. the bright bliss that moves us … thunderous shining from every grey cloud’s silver lining.

a crayon box of emotions this is the human mind. some shades of tickled pink and sunshine yellow you will find. but in a pack of 24 colours a rainbow there does lie. alas even this happiness follows a rainstorm; nature in due course. but whatever journey you may be on no doubt the jolly good will weaves itself in and out. for better things truly do come together when the good things fall apart.


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