the tasmanian devil (in me).

taz: native to australia, the youngest looney tune whose “appetite knows no bounds”.

i love unconventional get-to-know-you conversations.  the kind where i ask you random questions like if you could be a muppet which one would you be? … trumpet or trombone? … which ninja turtle best reflects you or your personality? …. what was the last book you read? … if i gave you a one-way plane ticket to anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go? … the worst sex you’ve ever had? … do you know who lion-o is? …

these random little questions can tell a lot about someone in two seconds flat.

and then i got to thinking … hmmm … i wonder how people would answer the question  “what looney tune character would you like to be?”

pedalling home just now i asked myself this very question … internally i replied, ‘naturally, the tasmanian devil of course.”

“and why?” i replied.

“because the little guy is abrasive and tenacious,” i answered.  i continued to explain to myself, “for when you’re spinning like a tornado when you stop — even a standstill millisecond — you’re dizzy and yet you’re able to make sense of it all.”  oh yes he is fittingly from australia too.

as the title of one of my favourite albums implies — let’s ‘dizzy up the girl’.


(ps. just in case your curious … animal / trumpet / raphael / hector and the pursuit for happiness / malmo / the time i hid the shoes / thundercats roar …)

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