quarrel with yourself … but don’t fall out of love with yourself.

what if i fall


tis a precious sentiment, a fleeting emotion, that quite often gets lost in the static confusion of every day meanderings.  so very easily confined by convention we tire easily for by the end of the day we are spent; our heart, mind and body given to our children, our partner, our work, and our thoughts.  we have spent the day flying.  by dusk we want to nest and lie down our pretty little heads.  most often than not our eyes flutter shut without giving ourselves ten minutes of our own time to self reflect.  to self (re)connect.

we can easily allow our self to get washed away by the rain.  self neglect–most times–doesn’t seem like an easy thing to overcome.

i didn’t even realize that i was wallowing for a lingering period of time.  until one morning, after a rain storm of indulgent highs, i looked in the mirror and i was astonishingly confused for i did not recognize myself.  the hair was dull, the eyes quite dazed and oh the frown upon that face!  the radiant smile once familiar had disappeared without a trace.

a raven, the symbol of a lost soul, had somehow migrated over my hummingbird free spirit.  there had been a quarrel it seemed, my wings tirelessly left me grounded.  a flightless bird, a tangled heart.  a lust for life reignited the spark and after a few good sleeps there i was … a fallen darling back on her feet and ready to fly.

life will give us a knock-out punch. we’ll dance 12 rounds.  but stamina gets us the win, endures us the thirteenth bout.

quarrel with yourself, fine.  just don’t fall out of love with yourself.  raise your hand in victory–self solidarity–right on to the toll of the final bell.


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