insanely courageous; beautifully brave.

eleanor roosevelt quote_Bravery

living takes courage.

i never knew what courage was until i got on that plane, went to the other side of the world.  perhaps i always had it.  but i never felt it.  never embraced the self confidence to admit it; to revel in it.  that was five years ago. i’ve been cultivating courage ever since.

“you know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. and I promise you, something great will come of it.” ~ benjamin mee

it’s no secret: we live in chaos.  we need courage to survive.  we need it to thrive — to jump off cliffs, to swim naked and to love relentlessly.

so if we need it so badly where does one find said courage?  when in our pursuit down the yellow brick road do we metamorphosis from a cowardly lion to a courageous one?  if courage is a virtue of fortitude how does our moral compass know when to point due north in the direction of bravery?  perhaps it is as mark twain said, “with courage we have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. courage is the foundation of integrity.”

my wisdom came in the form a beautiful stranger.  his compassion is what put me on that plane.  but it was my humility that calmed the chaos.  and it has been my decisions henceforth that have built a stable foundation from which my self-integrity ignites.

i jumped off the proverbial cliff.  i survived.  and while with each fall my ego bruised i continue to thrive because i find that one thing everyday that scares me and instead of flight — i fight.  it doesn’t mean i don’t get knocked around and lose a few rounds but i go 24 bouts (hours) each and every day giving life a good one-two punch.

be a courage heavyweight.

dare yourself to go beyond the comfortable boundaries that may be inhibiting you.  test your limits, your patience, your presence, your passion.  dance with no rhythm and drive with no direction.  get lost.  be found.

make it your purpose to be insanely courageous; make it your intention to be beautifully brave.

and if you make courage your purpose — bravery your intention — i do promise you that something great will come of it.

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