you’re pretty much magic.

Reminder to self: you’re pretty much magic.  

I, like you reading this post, forget at times just how fiercely badass I am.  Bipolar blurs the line for me often when I’m on the cusp of an emotional breakthrough.  One moment I’m self-assured fabulous and the next I’m fretting about somewhere between calamity and chaos.  I seek help, I cope, I produce, I create, I build and I laugh only to be overwhelmed by anxiety, tears and fears.  My badass gets knocked down by my own self quite a bit.  My own heart also picks me up when it’s ready to beat again.  Happiness is fleeting but so too is the sadness.  (CBT am I right?).

I share this with you not for the likes or the emojis.  I share this with you because even this successful, strong girl doesn’t have it all sorted out.  In fact, I don’t have any of this figured out.  I’m living it in an attempt to make sense of it – just as you are.  And like you, I’m sharing bits of me in hopes of learning from you too.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s some daily rituals I’ve been embracing to help me walk the line: rise with grace, stretch with gratitude, take a stroll in pursuit of sunshine, have a conversation with yourself, open your journal, scroll out your feelings, shower, tie your hair up in a knot, pucker your lips, slip on a vintage frock, eat something green and of course, drink your coffee from a unicorn cup.




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