waiting for life to begin.

March 18, 2010

moving hemispheres.

five months can go by ridiculously fast when you are waiting for life to begin.  from the moment i made the decision to take an adventure in australia i have been anticipating the day when i would be up in the air heading to the land down under. 

and now here i am – a storm-cloud of emotions.  excited, liberated, enlightened.  coupled with being scared, exhausted and overwhelmed.  i am in a good headspace though now.  i am happy – perhaps the happiest i have ever been.  i am on my own, standing strong on two feet and ready to embrace the unexpected.  i only have one responsibility now: to live. 

to live for wonder.  to live for the only day but tomorrow.  to live for the moment.

now – the wait is over.  here i am, tucked into the seat of a jumbo jet, sitting patiently – waiting for life to begin.


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