first impressions.

Blurried eyed and tired I land in Melbourne.  Immediately it is a different world from  the -30 degree snowglobe I left in Toronto.  The sky is so blue.  The air is so warm.  Everything just feels brighter, cleaner, fresher.  I don’t know if it is because it is March and the seasons are backwards or if it’s because I am seeing things with a lot more clarity.  Regardless, something has just taken my breath away – and I’ve only journeyed from the tarmac to the airport lobby.  Yes, this adventure is going to be intense…

…from the airport to Fitzroy.  What seems to be a cool neighbourhood that will be my temporary home.  A good friend of mine is letting me be a temporary house guest until I recover from jet lag and get situated.  It doesn’t seem to daunting of a task!  The hospitality though I will definitely appreciate during what is a transitional time in front of me.  But there has been no time for sleep or thoughtful thinking.  Bags dropped off and we’re off to get my first sneak peek at the Australian wonderland. 

48 hours of whirlwind excitement – a Pixies gig at Festival Hall, the Queen Victoria Market and coffee on Brunswick Street.  Some of my favourite things but culturally they feel different.  I’m sure I will write more about what I mean in more detail later on.  But for right now the only thing worth commenting on is my first food culture shock – black pudding.  Or as I was told “cooked pigs blood”.  No matter how rude, I didn’t eat it.  I didn’t even try.  Yes, I crinkled my nose and hid it under my salad.  I know I told myself that I would try to become a “foodie” – break my finicky habit of dry toast, boxes of crackers, chocolate milk and rice but like most things, that will take time!