March 29, 2010

moving hemispheres.

palais theatre in st. kilda

An afternoon in St. Kilda.

A beautiful serendipity of sorts, St. Kilda is a fine combination of CNE Expo meets Miami meets City Waterfront.  Made up of St. Kilda Road, Acland St. and Fitzroy St., there is a wonderful balance of quirky local bar institutions (The Espie!), delicious cafes and trendy boutique shops.  The people are a mix of young yups, retired fold and herds of tourists.  A day for shopping, cyclng or hanging beachside, St. Kilda offers Melboune a comfortable and peaceful waterside that of course every great city has to have.

Whilst St. Kilda has its own charm something tells me I’ll be making home northside.  I guess I’m just that kind of girl.


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