what is static confusion? (original post)

static confusion – cutting out the noise.  decluttering life.  just being at peace, focusing on the simple things.  like happiness.

when reflecting on a recent ‘life revelation’ with a friend, trying to explain what lured me to make the decision to move across the world, all i could say was “things got noisy – i was losing my way”.  

“what do you hope to find in australia?” he asked.

“myself,” I replied.

“eliminating the static confusion,” he said. 

exactly, turning down the volume on life in order to hear myself think.

along the way i have rediscovered how cathartic the practice of writing is.  a journal has always been a private keepsake for me.  until recently when a couple of people started replying to my wondering emails with the encouragement to share my thoughts out loud, hence the curiosity to publish some of my journal entries onto a blog where hopefully someone, somewhere will be able to relate or become inspired to do the same.

if you are a friend of mine then when you read some of the entries you will be able to read in between the lines, for others it will provide some insight to how i’m growing as a person but for most it will just be skimming the thoughts of a girl who got frustrated and wanted more out of life.

in making the decision to set up this blog i had to register a domain name.  without hesitation ‘static confusion’ came to mind – it made natural sense.  it is also meant to be a silent acknowledgement to the person that ultimately instilled in me the courage (and confidence) to go find myself. 

entries are filtered by various themes, which you can peruse by choosing a category from the drop down menu or you can search by monthly entries.  regardless if you browse the entire blog or just skim one post, i hope you enjoy reading as much as i am enjoying this forum to confide, reflect and ponder.

april 02, 2010 / melbourne

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