first feelings of homesickness.

Today marked two weeks since leaving Canada.  14 days has felt like an indefinite amount of time already.  The days have been full and entirely memorable.  The transition to lovely Melbourne culture has been smooth and utterly effortless.

Which is why the past two days of homesickness have been slightly surprising and overwhelming.  Perhaps it is the fondness that comes with celebrating my birthday and Easter with family and friends.  A dose of loneliness and distance was to be expected and came on the day that I wanted to be closest with everyone – my 28th birthday.  I miss waking up to my niece joyfully screaming “boo Cole!”.  I miss hanging with J and R after a day of work.  I miss Toronto beer dates with AK and weekend getaways to CBG.  I miss dinners with Dad and Saturday night hangouts with ST.  I miss seeing RW’s daily code mauve and weekly lunches with AR.  I miss the novelty of having KM so close.  I miss laughing with my sisters.  I miss everyone back home a ridiculous amount.  But then I am reminded that I am in Australia, how lucky to be celebrating down under, how memorable, how amazing of a start to my 28th year.  And a great one it will be – filled with unknown adventures and absolute uncertainty.  By remembering that home is in my heart and not necessarily where I’m residing, loved ones don’t seem that far away after all.

I suppose I find it somewhat ironic that I didn’t truly realize how wonderful life at home was until about 6 weeks before I left for Australia – until I threw out all of the clutter and restored simplicity to my life.  Until my heart was no longer heavy.

My personal remedy for homesickness – fond memories that carry with me wherever I will go.

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