first historical lesson.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne)

-Frist mass celebrate February 1858 in partially completed church

-1868 completed nave of the cathedral – first served the needs of the community for regular worship

-Designed by William Wardell, cathedral is regarded internationally as finest ecclesiastical building in Australia

-Pre-eminent example of the Gothic Revival style

-1997 full restoration is completed

-Two main public features: main entrance, St. Patrick’s Pilgrim Path

I don’t know what it is about this cathedral that amazes me so.  Especially since I am neither Catholic or extremely religious.  Perhaps it is the grandeur in which it stands.  Its stunning historical architect or the beautiful landscape it provides against a dusk sky.  Whether walking from the city home to Fitzroy or gazing at the steeple from Fitzroy Gardens the cathedral is worth a picture from every angle.  Its dominance against Melbourne’s suttle and soft city skyline brings an elegant, historic and mesmorizing awe to this place that I already admire so much.  Regardless of what I find so fascinating about this emmaculate example of Gothic Revival style of architecture it was worth stopping to photograph, write about and learn a little bit about its significance in Melbourne history

st. patrick's cathedral

 and culture.

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