“don’t let anyone hold you back”.

and kind words from an extraordinary family member helps me make sense of it all:

“i was sad to hear you broke up with [exboyfriend]…but of course if you are going to marry someone, you have to make sure this is what you wanted, and i didn’t think you were ready yet.  you always have to live and experience a lot before you get married, or you will always think you missed things and have regrets.  in the end you have to do what is right for you, not family or anyone, because you are the one that has to control your life, and live it according to your rules, so good for you.”

“i know you will miss family, but when you gain more experience from travel in life, you always go home a different and more sophisticated person, and have more to offer, and besides sometimes it is good to make family miss you.  and for you to miss them.”

“view everything in life, as an adventure, and don’t let anyone hold you back.”

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