“what do you want out of being in aus?”

Today’s adventures consisted of exquisite coffee (new favourite is a flat white) at Molly’s Café along the strip in Maroubra Beach, a fabulous walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge followed by a picnic lunch in Kirribilly in a park along the ocean overlooking the Opera House.  Finished with delicious Spanish tapas at El Bulli in Surrey Hill.

I’ve decided tha the best way to absorb a city’s culture is to drink, walk and eat it – savouring every sip, step and bite along the way.

….JG asked me today what my goals were by being in Australia.  My conversation with my host friend back in Melbourne flooded back and I told her what I had told him: to explore the next phase of my life – to find myself.  To build happiness.  To learn more about who I am and indulge in adventure. 

To just live – to just breathe.

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