I have forgotten how emotionally exhausting it is to be smitten by someone, infatuated with butterflies.  Distracted by the warmth of an affectionate smile, glowing when saying his name.

That sense of falling head over heels.  The aching feeling of missing him.  Not realizing when and how all of this happened.  Unexpectedly so it did.  Natural connection, organic development of feelings.  Overwhelmed and confused but amazing sense of waking up and knowing he Is there, right beside you.  Adorable, insightful, kind, extraverted, musically inclined, witty banter, strong worldview and a passion for bettering himself – these are his admirable traits.  Good style, a sweet kisser and affectionately kind, these are his attractable traits.  Few people intimidate me and never before has a guy.  He makes me tongue-tied nervous blushable and clutzy.  He’s desirable but with flaws.  And these are just a few things about him that makes my heart skip three beats too fast.

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