“love me”.

Took in an amazing photography exhibt today that is worth writing about. 

“Love Me” by Zed Nelson. 

‘A collection of images documenting how far people will go for the quest for physical perfection.  The series reflects a world we have created where enormous social, psychological and economic rewards and penalties are attached to the way we look…a powerful body of work that forces each and everyone of us to question our own place in a culture that compels us to constantly judge, and be judged, by our own appearance.’ (ACP)   I personally say that I don’t necessarily feel judged by appearance but more so on my place in the world.  The sense of worth, of value.  Usually not bothered by the thoughts of other I do succumb to the pressure of trying to live up to others expectations, determined to impress and make others proud.  But right now – the only question, the only judgement, is myself right now.  I’ve always been my own biggest critic yet the nagging pressure from the back of my mind has silenced.  I’m finally proud of myself, not judging any decisions or what I’m doing.  Another positive sign that I’m taking steps in the right direction, that I’m in the right place.

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