sydney by night.

Another day of adventuring:

-Oxford St., Darlinghurst

-Chinatown Night Market

-Darling Harbour, Pyrmont

Synopsis of today’s travels: After a chilled out day in Maroubra adjusting plans for the second leg of my north of Sydney trip, I was looking forward to a night out in Sydney.  Just me and the city.  And is this metropolis ever a wonder.  In two hours I covered three distinctly different precints – each one of them glowing beneath their Friday night lights:

Darlinghurst.  Oxford Street cladded with fancy hotel bars and beauties in their black cocktail dresses, it was a mild enough scene that didn’t scream Sex and the City but it definitely made me stop and pause as I wish I was near my ladies to have a fabulous night out.  

From Darlinghurst I ventured to Haymarket to do some bardering at the infamous Chinatown Night Market.  Kensignton times ten, Dixon Street was alive with the smell of hot dumplings, the sizzle of fried pork and the styles of cheap fabric.  Almost a played down version of New York’s Chinatown I would say.  After treating myself to pork dumplings, fried raddish and a couplf of cute dresses I gazed one last time at the frantic crowd, happy to be on my way.

From Chinatown, I walked Darling Harbour, which is a memorizing sight at night.  Bright lights, loud music and a festival strip, the harbourside painted the metaphorical yellow brick road to Star City (the casino).  A spectacular harbor indeed but it did have the tackiness of Niagara Falls meets Las Vegas.  The lights against the calm water is pleasing on the eyes though and the water fountains along the footpath is favourable to me.  Nightlife, tourism and culture.  The harbor and the precinct of Pyrmont is a fitting exterior border to the already glitzy Sydney.

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