vintage markets.

A brilliant way to spend a Saturday – a warm Autumn day (yes, Autumn in April) purusing vintage classics and antique treasures at some of Sydney’s finest markets:

Fringe market.  A usual hotspot for dancing the bar fills up for the day with vendors that spend their time giving cutomers designers collection that you oculd only find at ‘fringe’.  Bar is open for a mid-day cocktail so its quite the afternoon: a glass of bubbly, original style and a room that looks like it belongs in the pages of vintage Vogue.

Paddington market.  A market shopper’s paradise.  Beautiful clothes, delicions food and unqiue things for the home, garden and body.  Definitely a day adventure in itself the market unfolds across old church grounds and into a boutique hall.  No wonder this mamkes it into the tour literature.  Amazing shopping – and without the commercial noise.

Glebe Village.  This one definitely has more of a flea market feel to it but tit definitely fits nicely into the nook that is this charming heritage village.

(Note to self: Avoid going out to a bar to watch a footy game at all cost.  Blokey jocks are an aggressive bunch and make me lose faith that there are no loyal, decent men left to meet whilst out and about.  Another caution: Kings Cross is not a place to go out while sober.  However, the scene of being dissed by an ex-convict and whistled at by a prostitute do provide for a memorable experience).

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