leaving sydney.

My last day in Sydney and a great one at that.  Exhausted by a full eight intense days of sightseeing and exploring it was time to crash at the beach.  I know, as ridiculous as it sounds, I had been to four different beaches throughout the week and had only been swimming once!

After an incredible 10km run around an equestrian park, JG took me to Coogee Beach.  Diving head first into an oceanic wave is absolutely refreshing.  Crisp, clear blue water with a cool embrace that convinces yourself that you can swim forever.  It’s just an endless pool filled with people enjoying being removed from any sense of reality.  I now somewhat understand when people say that life is better out in the water.  The stress of life on land just seems to disappear.

Another amazing feeling of the day: being under the Australian sun as leaves change colour and the trees start to bear.  I’ve never experienced another transition of seasons that wasn’t Canadian so I find this extremely fascinating.  The one thing that is constant though: that warm feeling that Autumn brings before the cold takes over.

The beach is followed with a D&M with JG as we both confide our own personal and emotional obstacles in choosing Australia as the place to explore the next phase of our lives.  After our conversation I am even more relieved in knowing that a piece of home is physically here with me and eve more appreciative of JG’s friendship.  To quote her, “life is a beach”.

Dinner and then a movie in Renwick.  Home to bed to an early 5am alarm to catch a flight home to Melbourne for a job interview.  Yes, I detoured my vacation by a day to seek out a job opportunity.  It felt like the right thing to do and sticking with my Australian philosophy: go with my natural instinct.  And of course, I was drawn to having a change of responsibility rather than more vacation.  Its one thing I’ve discovered – I’m ridiculously passionate about my work.  After four weeks of being on my own, to think, to unwind, to relax, there is a small part of me that is eager to start filling my time with things that drive me – that challenge me – that interest me.  But most importantly, I am just so excited – and ready- to begin building my life in Melbourne.

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