byron bay.

i haven’t been to too many places in the world but i think that byron may very well be on of my favourites.  marked by jonson street – a retro old fashion main drag – and a style that has a bohemian-surfer influence, the town i populated with expats, backpackers, aussie surfers and people who called this nook home for their entire life or who have taken refuge in it to escape the chaos of the outside world.  perhaps this place explains everything australiana that i grew up dreaming about: surfing, beaches, no stress and a localism that makes a stranger feel at home.

being new to the backpacking scene i have to admit that this – this lifestyle of wonderless care and unplanned adventure – is without a doubt something i need to just get lost in.

so, off i go to explore “beautiful byron”….

….and within a couple of hours this is what i discover:

nobody wars shoes in byron so i too walked around barefoot.  how liberating.  to be a resident of byron (whether short-term or indefinitely) you must know how to surf or at least have a keen interest to learn how to.  the greatest way to live is to just pack up a van and drive.  no destination..  just follow the water.  and finally, leave your stresses at the town’s line because everyone here is absolutely and simplisticly happy.  it isn’t hard to figure out why either.

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