a boy named dane.

during my travels this afternoon, i met an aussie named dane.  while sitting on the beach enjoying a cider, he strolled by and asked if he could sit down.  before i could reply he just sat down and introduced himself.  he asked me if i was canadian to which i replied, yes.  i enquired as to what brought him over and said that i looked “like a canuck”.  dane got onto to talking about how he met a canadian a year ago while she was touring through byron.  she was only meant to stay a couplf of days but the chemistry between he and her were so strong that she stayed in town for an entire month.  from there she had to return home – she didn’t get on to see anymore of the country.  i asked him what happened after she left and he was elated to tell me that they have been wrtiting each other letters and emails and postcards since the day she left.  he said that even though he tried not, he fell, head over heels, in love with her.  he is moving to be with her at the end of june.  we finished our drink and he thanked me for listening.  he wished me “good luck and safe travels”.  and over his shoulder called back “you canadian girls, you’re something special.”

i felt compelled to write about this because i’ve been so consumed with the scenery and my own life lesson that i failed to realize that i am surrounded by fascinating people with their own stories.  for some reason dane made an impression on me.  perhaps it was his genuity, his excitement to be reunited with the girl that swpt him off his feet or the simple fact that he is proof that old fasion romance still exists.

and with that, the hopeless romantic in me resurfaces.  and i’m glad because i had missed her.

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