more byron beauty.

spending the morning browsing the byron storefronts followed with tanning on main beach with two ‘surf hipsters’ (self-proclaimed of course) i’m learning about a couple more quirks that make this hangout so unique:

barista wish you a “beautiful, groovy day”…women walk around braless and topless…more poeple commute on surf boards, skateboards and bikes than by feet or cars…

i missed the 1970s by a solid decade but this new-age bohemian hippy way of life definitely paints a spectacular picture of just how carefree society is supposed to be – away from the noise.  decluttered.

i find myself thinking about my parents right now and what the world was like back home when they were young, carefree spirited teenagers…i hope they were as happy as i feel right now.


had a wonderful afternoon today.  hired a bike to explore the cape byron state conservation area.  i had three destination to check out: wategos beach, the cape byron sanctuary and the lighthouse.

on my way back into town i’ll be sure to hit the most eastern point of australia, a pretty neat thought to almost be standing at the edge of the earth, literally.  as amazing as that is, i have to admit my favourite part was the sanctuary: this little nook of rock, sand and waves.  between te rocks you can see the most experiences   the water, avoiding the rocky wall with the utmost poise and agility.  for me, i dig a little bit deeper into the rock following a stream of water that soon becomes knee deep.  turning the corner i suddenly become exposed to nothing but naked shore.  and there i am – me, a few other wandering souls and the open ocean. 

no wonder they call this secluded point a sanctuary.

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