endpoint: east coast excursion’s final destination.


my final destination before heading back to melbourne where reality is waiting for me. perhaps i will get lost on my way?

16 days.  i’ve seen a lot and met some fascinating (and interesting) people.  it’s been part peaceful and part party.  two weeks isn’t necessarily a long time but when you are seeking clarity and trying to put space between you and the noise – it feels like eternity.

driving into brisbane there wasn’t anything immediately special about i.  for being the third largest city in australia it has the layout of a city like ottawa minus the ladnscape of parliament hill.  but it was the people that made this city impressionable.  in one evening i met the state’s largest wholesaler of dragonfruit, was picked up by a couple of swingers and went head to head with an aussie wrestling fan and a few other scandulous incidents that well are just better left unpublished.

what was meant to be an afterwork drink with a friend’s friend evolved into a club 54 style fiasco on the brunswick street mall.  i woke up the next mroning in laughter asking myself “did that all seriously happen?” i was forwarned that brisbane is a ‘colourful’ place.

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