koalas and kangas.

i was really excited about today’s activity: my own personal field trip to lone pine, the largest koal sanctuary in the world. 

tremendously excited to finally see two of australia’s famous wildlife – koalas and kangaroos – i was also heartbroken and frustrated to see the marsoupials caged up in some areas (i have always had this long standing issues with zoos and animals being exploited for commercial display).  but, considering that koalas are endangered at least they are safe.  and cute little bastards they are, sleeping peacefully, hugging the tree only to yawn, stretch then resume napping.  then, while walking through the kangaroo pack i asked an irish man with his two kids to take a pcture of me.  i got to talking to him and heartbroken to learn that his wife had just recently passed.  they had always wanted to go to australia.  she loved kaolas and so did their boys.  and while watching his kids chase a kangaroo across the field he smiled and said, “my wife, she would have loved this.”

its funny how many times during this trip i have felt compelled, emotionally moved, to reach out and grab a stranger’s hand – whether to comfort or to share a breathtaking moment.  and in this moment, i just wanted to reach out and squeeze this loving father’s hand.  and then, with watering eyes i said my good byes – partly moved still by this man’s overpowering sentiment but mostly because overwhelmingly, right there in the middle of grass surrounded by hopping kangaroos, i missed my own father deeply.

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