some of my favourite things.

it has been over a month since i landed down under.  so, here are some of my favourite things thus far:

the greeting “how you going?” to me, it sounds like such a sincere hello.

australian’s have this ridiculous eclectic and rustic beauty to them.

how isolated this country is from the rest of the world.

melbourne’s coffee culture.

australians fond appreciation for canadians.

the fact that when it says corn as a side vegetable it actually comes served as a little piece of cob – not kernels from a can.

cider imported from new zealand.

rice balls.

fitzroy and northcote precincts.

how affordable and accessible it is to travel within the country.

meeting people from all around the world and listening to their romantic and hopeful stories about how coming to aus has changed their lives.

how wonderfully laid back people are – everything is just “alright”.  and “no dramas”.

coopers beer (not a great alternative to keith’s but it will have to do).

the sound of a steamer at a cafe – beats the horton drip any day.

simple alternative to canadian english: carpark (parking lot), footpath (sidewalk), bogen (hick), cossie (bikini), ta (thank you),

the only thing i can’t get over is a public restroom is called the “toilets”.  the look i get when asking where the ‘washroom’ is hilarious.

thong (flip-flops) is the universal shoe here.  and although we refer to a ‘thong’ as buttless panties back home, aussies call those underwear garments ‘g-strings’.

mcdonalds down under is called ‘maccers’.

loves the fact that starbucks doesn’t really exist in melbourne. 

that i have not seen a wal-mart.

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