banff mountain film festival.

June 8, 2010

gaining perspective.

there was something about watching a canadian based film production from up over in the land down under.  it made me proud to be from the great white north, proud to be a canuck.  although i don’t have the skill or endurance for adrenaline spots or the mental capacity to risk the adventure i can appreciate a daredevil’s passion and rush to push nature’s boundaries.  most of the people n the films seemed to pursue their quest for self fulfillment by facing their greatest fear, putting themselves in a category of being untouchable, unscathed by challenge.  making themselves vulnerable, exposing themselves, nearly defenseless of any natural consequence.

as tempting as it is to race against the atlantic like roz savage, i do have a limited threshold for adventure, however, am even more inspired to continue to push my comfort level – take risk and delve into exploration relative to my own mental will.  after all, if a guy can rock climb solo up a mountain without a harness or safety net surely i can conquer even a small feat such as life.


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