nude drawing and new york, i love you.

today was a good day.  mostly because i went to my first live drawing class.  at first i was being too linear, contrived, aiming to be perfectly neat – in control of my portrait.  it wasn’t until the instructor told me to be free.  just let go.  that drawing is as much poetic as it is philosophical.  he told me to tell a story with my drawing.  let my identity come through.  and this is when i realized i had found the right exercise to unwind with.  creatively inspired, i’ve found a therapeutic wy to express myself.


movie: new york, i love you.

yes, yes, i do love you new york.  a background for new love, old love, wrongdoing sinful love and perfect romance love, innocent love, guilt love.  lustful love – never see you again but in this moment love.

various stories, new york is a common stream where people meet and whether it’s a cosmic connection or the city’s grand mystique – it is new york.  of course you are going to fall in love.  how could you not?

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