run melbourne.

run melbourne: bring it on.

and i brought it – all 2h 01m 29s of it too.

it was a sensational feeling – running my first 1/2 marathon.  partly because i ran 22km with little difficulty, training paying off.  and partly because 18,000 people congregated to run – whether 22 or 10 or 5km.  they showed up to run for a cause important to them. 

a beautiful course through melbourne, the winter sun and the steady pace of feet hitting the pavement.  yes, those are the sights and sounds that all runners – whether novice or ironman – are motivated by.  and for myself in particular, i run because it is one of few times that i feel free and far away from everything absolute.

afterwards i realize that i am alone amongst a crowd of 18,000 strangers.  that is until a new canadian friend emerges in the crowd.  i rush to her and overwhelmed hug her tightly – excited to share this accomplishment with someone.   someone who undoubtedly will become a big part of my australian life.  my running buddy.

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