inconvenient love.

i used to think that the idea of loving someone inconveniently was romantic.

i also thought that deep love – the type you lust after – was healthy.  but in recent time i am becoming to doubt both theories.

loving someone – and being loved in return – is not meant to be inconvenient.  it is meant to be simple, enjoyable and easy.  love is not meant to complicate the heart or tease the mind.  it is not meant to inject emotional insecurities or instill nagging, painstaking fear.

intense lust – sexual infatuation is not healthy either.  lust eventually fades, the adrenaline of being attracted to a raw lover wears off.  but honest, real love – of mutual reciprocation – is genuine and can be everlasting as long as both hearts continue to fall for one another.

it is a profound sentiment, love.  but the true sense of it grows organically and naturally survives life’s trials and tribulations.  everything else – lust, admiration, chemistry, tension, heartache – become lost.

yet the eternal optimistic, hopeless romantic in me remains strong in believing that love – the convenient kind – exists somewhere out there.  in some unforeseen way.

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