lentils as anything.

discovered a brilliant new concept today that allows you to eat great tasting food that makes you feel good too: pay-what-you-feel dining.

pioneered by a restaurant called lentil as anything, pay-what-you-feel dining in Melbourne is a blended mix of restaurant cooperative meets a wholesomeness of a home-cooked meal.

described a “nonprofit organization, serving up a little moral lesson with every plate of vegetarian cuisine…lentil’s eclectic philosophy is that diner’s tuck into a good meal and then pay what they think the food is worth.”  recipes are made from scratch, made ready fresh and plated in front of you.  curry, Moroccan hot pot and flavorful yoghurt dip, the dishes are literally, priceless.

relying on the kindness of its guests, donations keep this friendly hub of goodwill cuisine operating.  it is a delicious concept that ensures everyone has the luxury of dining out.  moral thanks welcomed but don’t forget to leave a generous monetary tip to pay it forward so that no one goes hungry.

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