old and new.

another day of rediscovering old interests and discovering new ones.

old – philosophy.  i loved studying it in university – understanding the state, existence and being of the human mind.  i loved reading it – educating myself about life fundamentals, virtues and principles.  i loved discussing it, engaging in dialogue about morals, meaning and fulfilment.  but what i never really did was take the time to watch – appreciated the act of philosophy through dramatic arts.  which is why going to see a play like stop.  rewind.  by melissa bubnic is so impactful.

described as “a play that confirms the trend [in theatre] that public space [such as work] tests the morals and desires of the individual in society.”  furthermore it explores the dilemma “do you bite our tongue and suppress pent-up emotions, or speak your mind and reveal yourself?”  i personally opt for the latter.  i think it is important for we, as individuals, to be honest with ourselves, to express eviction, to evoke some sense of emotion, to expose ourselves to the possibility of being vulnerable at time.  it doesn’t let your ego run amuck or be overcome with raw aggression or overshadowed by naivety – being honest with yourself means being aware, taking control of life situations, ensuring happiness for oneself.  suppress pent-up emotions shortens life experiences, robs oneself from unique opportunity and hinders personal growth.  everyone deserves to live a meaningful life and it definitely starts with honesty, revealing to yourself what it is you truly want to achieve and then going out and achieving it.  and, if for some reason life gets off track simply stop and rewind.  and then press the forward button.

new: discovering the taste of duck and quail.  melbourne is teaching me to appreciate food – real food.  food as culture.  food as experience.  food as indulgence.  my palate is alive with taste.  my body thanking me for the nourishment.  my past diet of chocolate milk, boxes of crackers and a pot of rice doesn’t seem unfathomable to me now.  and gamely meat – never thought it would be so rich and delicious.  however, as much as i enjoyed both meats i’m not quite sure you’ll see these on my kitchen menu in the near future :).

melbourne….continues to be an outlet for discovery.

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